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Canadian Services Coalition

The services sector forms an important part of the Canadian economy. Today, the services sector represents two-thirds of Canadian GDP and employs more Canadians than ever before. There is a need for a cohesive Canadian voice on the importance of the services sector both domestically and internationally.

The Canadian Services Coalition (CSC), supported by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, provides this voice by actively promoting a supportive domestic and international regulatory environment to encourage growth; by increasing awareness of the need for better services sector metric; and, by providing Canadian views on the liberalization of service markets.

The CSC also provides a valuable conduit for members to gain insights on developments affecting the sector, including how current trade negotiations could change their competitive environment. As the Canadian representative of the Global Services Coalition, the CSC works closely with its international counterparts in ensuring industry's call for liberalization is strong and persuasive in these trade negotiations with the final outcome reflecting the needs of Canadian businesses. The CSC invites all Canadian companies, from both the traditional services sectors and those in the manufacturing sector whose businesses include services (e.g. pre-sales, warranty, serving) to join its efforts.

Consult the Canadian Services Coalition brochure.

For more information, please contact:

Hendrik Brakel
Director, Canadian Services Coalition

Michael Landry
Vice Chair, Canadian Services Coalition