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Arbitration Articles

Two Paths to Arbitration – cost, speed and complexity of the dispute should govern your choice
by Barry Leon & John Siwiec

This article reviews the pros and cons of institutional arbitration (such as ICC Arbitration) and ad hoc (non-administered) arbitration. The choice the parties make between the two when drafting an arbitration agreement can have a significant impact on the costs and efficiency of resolving their disputes. When choosing between institutional and ad hoc arbitration, parties should consider the types and size of disputes most likely to arise. Then they should decide which type of arbitration will best serve their reasons for choosing arbitration in the first place, and provide them with a faster, more cost-effective and private method of resolving their disputes.

The Role of Arbitration in International Business

by Igor Ellyn, Senior Partner, Chartered Arbitrator & Mediator, Ellyn Law LLP, Toronto

Great Expectations: Meeting the Challenge of a New Arbitration Paradigm

by George Gluck, Independent Arbitrator, New York