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Become a Member of ICC Canada

Members of ICC Canada are afforded a number of benefits when joining its Arbitration Committee. As the national committee to the ICC Court of Arbitration, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce holds an annual conference to allow members of its Arbitration Committee to network and gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding international arbitration and best practices. ICC Canada has held conferences in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Members of the Arbitration Committee are featured on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s website in a dynamic directory that identifies Canadian arbitrators who are qualified to practice international arbitration under the ICC rules. This directory contains approximately 115 biographies of top Canadian arbitrators who practice in the realm of international arbitration.

Members of the Arbitration Committee are provided with the exclusive opportunity to be proposed as an arbitrator by the Canadian Arbitrartion Executive Committee, as requested by the ICC. Because the ICC International Court of Arbitration is one of the oldest and most respected venues for international arbitration, members of the Canadian Arbitration Committee not only have the opportunity to connect and network with experts in the field, but they also have the opportunity to be selected as an arbitrator under the ICC Court. A primary reason why individuals choose ICC arbitration is because no other arbitration institution can match the global reach and international character of the ICC.

ICC Canada is pleased to offer new categories of membership to the International Arbitration Community.

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For more information contact Mary Anne Carter at +1.613.238.4000 ext. 262 or