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Young Arbitration Practitioners Fee

The ICC International Court of Arbitration (“ICC”) is one of the oldest and most respected international arbitration institutions in the world. The Arbitration Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, operating as ICC Canada, is the Canadian national committee of the ICC.

ICC Canada includes many of Canada’s ─ and in many cases, the world’s ─ leading international arbitration practitioners, based across Canada and around the world.

The focus of ICC Canada is international arbitration, encompassing international arbitrators, arbitration counsel, academics, corporate counsel who manage arbitrations, and arbitration counsel working in government and non-profit organizations.

ICC Canada now offers a Young Arbitration Practitioners Membership Fee to provide young Canadian arbitration practitioners with a special opportunity to network, develop their knowledge and skills, develop mentorships, stay informed about developments ICC Arbitration, and participate in ICC Canada’s conferences, annual meetings, special programs and other events.

Together with the Young Canadian Arbitration Practitioners (YCAP), we developed the Young Arbitrators Membership Fee to make it affordable for younger members of YCAP, those under 35 years of age in their earlier years of practice, to join ICC Canada.

To be eligible for the Young Arbitrators Membership Fee, you must:

  • Be a member of YCAP, and
  • Be under 35 years of age.

The ICC Canada Young Arbitration Practitioners Membership Fee is $100 annually.

Other Membership Benefits include:

  • Members are featured on the Arbitration section of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s website with a personalized biography that is showcased under the ICC Canada logo (

  • Members may have the opportunity to be proposed by ICC Canada to the ICC as arbitrators in ICC Arbitrations.

  • Members have the opportunity to participate in the work of ICC Canada to strengthen and develop international arbitration in Canada, including in the areas of arbitration law reform and treaty implementation, and globally, through the task forces of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR.

Members may be afforded speaking opportunities at ICC conferences and other programs.

For more information contact Mary Anne Carter at +1.613.238.4000 ext. 262 or

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