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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s events bring government, business and opinion leaders together to address the issues that are important to the Canadian business community. Our events also allow our members to shape our policy agenda, influencing policy and decision-making to the benefit of Canada and all Canadians.

We offer a variety of event sponsorship opportunities to showcase your company’s brand and strengthen your reputation in the business community. It is only with the support of our members that we are able to continue to produce our high quality events. Sponsorships are offered at various price points and provide a host of benefits for your business. For information on how you can get involved with our events, please contact Chuck Wright at 416.868.6415 (250) or at

Our marquee events:

Annual General Meeting and Convention

Our AGM and Convention enables members of the chamber network to plug into the latest developments, trends and issues that are important to the Canadian business community as well as set our policy agenda for the upcoming year.

ICC Canada Arbitration Conference

As the national committee to the ICC International Court of Arbitration, each year we hold a conference to allow the members of our Arbitration Committee to network and gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding Canadian and international arbitration legislation and best practices.

International Trade Day

At International Trade Day, government, business and opinion leaders gather to discuss how Canada can boost its competitiveness and presence in global markets.

Private Business Growth Award Gala

We have partnered with Grant Thornton LLP to present the Private Business Growth Award. This award seeks to recognize and celebrate dynamic, privately-held businesses whose growth strategy encompasses a broad range of activities across their business.

Thought Leadership Roundtable Series and Crystal Ball Symposium

Our Thought Leadership Roundtable Series and Crystal Ball Symposium are part of a national program that examines how Canadian businesses can contribute to sustainable growth and development.

During our Thought Leadership Roundtables, business, government and academic leaders share strategies and expertise and discuss how to foster and increase Canada's competitiveness. The feedback provided at these meetings helps guide our policy advocacy, including the development of our policy papers.

The Crystal Ball Symposium is an exclusive event for C-suite business executives and senior public servants to learn from and dialogue with experts on how trends in technology, the global economy and international politics will affect Canadian business in the upcoming years.

Input from our Thought Leadership Roundtables and our Crystal Ball Symposium feed into our Crystal Ball Report.