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Trading at the Speed of Light: International Trade Day 2016

May 19 | Ottawa, ON | #TradeDay16

Help us shape Canada’s trade agenda. Every year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce brings over 100 senior executives, thought leaders and public officials to Canada’s capital for a frank discussion on what Canadian businesses need to win in a rapidly changing global economy.

Trade is going digital: Is Canada ready to take advantage?

Digital technologies are transforming the way that companies do business across borders. Today, more trade is taking place online brining new opportunities for companies of all sizes. But it also raises a number of policy questions around issues such as cyber security, privacy and intellectual property.  Join us in Ottawa on May 19 to explore solutions to these issues so that Canada can support the growth of the global digital economy.


Featured Panel Discussions

What’s Coming Down the Wire
Digitization has unleashed a new era in global trade, enabling ‘born on the cloud’ entrepreneurs to develop and sell their digital wares, and global manufacturers to seamlessly manage cross-border production schedules. It powers the websites that let cottage industries connect directly with consumers in far-away markets. How are Canadian companies taking advantage of these new business models? What lessons can be learned from early adopters? How do we build the infrastructure we need and encourage companies to invest in new technologies? What services and technologies are coming next?

Securing the Digital Trading System
The open and secure flow of information that underpins the digital trading system is under threat. Many governments restrict the movement of data across borders or require companies to use local servers. Some cite concerns around consumer privacy and cyber-security. Others are using these measures to promote domestic industry. What are the effects of such barriers? How can we avoid them? What is the role of trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership? How can we better protect consumer and corporate data and build trust with the public and regulators?


Wednesday, May 19 | 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Registration will open soon. 
Preliminary agenda

Sponsorship Opportunities

For information on how you can sponsor this exclusive event, please contact Chuck Wright, Director, Business Development at or 416.868.6415 (250).