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2014 Archives

How Low Can Oil Go? (December 9)

This brief explains the decline in oil prices and what it will mean for the Canadian economy. Oil prices are dropping due to an increase in production and weaker demand. Lower oil prices will reduce Canada’s GDP growth, but this should be partly offset by an increase in consumer spending.

Economic News Bulletin (November 25)

An update on domestic and international economic news.

Is China Slowing Down or Charging Ahead? (November 11)

This brief calms any fears that China’s economy might be slowing down. While China’s economy is changing dramatically, growth will remain over 7% for the foreseeable future. More importantly, a consumer revolution is underway.

The Loonie’s Decline: Here to Stay? (October 28)

This brief looks at the decline of the loonie. The Canadian Chamber is forecasting the loonie will average 85 cents in 2015 because of three factors: weakening oil prices due to surging U.S. production; American interest rates rising sooner; and, portfolio funds leaving Canada due to the vulnerabilities of our economy.