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2015 Archives

How to Help the Middle Class (December 15)

This brief looks at the new tax cuts for the middle class and the real impact they will have on the economy.

U.S. Interest Rates about to Rise: What Does It Mean for Canada? (December 1)

This brief looks at the impact a rising U.S. interest rate could have on the Canadian economy.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Tough Decisions Ahead (November 17)

This brief looks at the tough economic decisions the new federal government will have to make and the impact those choices could have on our economy.

The Red Wave: What it Means for Canadian Business (November 3)

This brief looks at what the election of a Liberal majority government means for Canadian business.

Election 2015: The Battle for the Canadian Economy (October 14)

This brief looks at the importance of the economy in our current electoral campaign.

Canada’s Budget Surplus as the Holy Grail (September 22)

This brief looks at the real importance of a federal budget surplus, especially when announced in the midst of an elections campaign.

Currency War: What Is it Good For? (August 24)

This brief looks at how the frenzied reaction to a 3% depreciation in the Chinese renminbi could lead to a currency war.

Why We Need the TPP (“Trans-Pacific Partnership” or “Trade Is a Pain for Politicians”) (August 11)

This brief looks at the benefits of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Export Revolution: When Zero Is Actually Pretty Good (July 28)

This brief looks at the export revolution hidden behind this recession, where exports are in overdrive in many sectors.

The Return of Crisis: What it Means for Canada’s Economy (July 14)

This brief looks at how the economic events in Greece and China are affecting us.

The Top 3 Issues in the Federal Election: Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs (June 30)

This week’s “5 Minutes for Business” explores the job situation in Canada, from regional disparities to which sectors are performing and which ones aren’t (hint: it may not be the ones you usually think of!) and what to expect in coming months.

Commodity Wildcard: What Is Happening in China? (June 17)

This brief looks at China's economy and what it means for commodity prices.

How to Turbocharge Tourism (June 2)

This brief examines how support for Canada’s tourism sector could bolster our economy.

The Loonie Takes Flight, but for How Long? (May 19)

This brief looks at how our loonie is performing.

Back in Black: What’s so great about a surplus anyway? (May 5)

This report looks at how important it is for a government to balance the national budget.

What to Do about Income Inequality (April 10)

This brief examines what’s driving income inequality in Canada and what can be done.

Reduced Speed Ahead: Is Canada Headed for Recession? (March 24)

This brief looks at the state of the Canadian economy and whether or not Canada is headed for recession.

Home Sweet Home: Is U.S. Housing Set for Growth? (March 10)

This brief looks at the U.S. economy and, in particular, the U.S. housing market and its impact on Canadian business.

Is This the End of the Commodity Supercycle? (February 24)

This brief looks at the global demand for natural resources and comments on whether or not the commodity supercyle we’ve been riding is over.

European Forecast: Cloudy with Brighter Days Ahead (February 10)

This brief looks at Europe to examine the risks and challenges ahead for those economies and what it all means for Canadian business.

Interest Rates: How Low for How Long? (January 27)

This brief looks at the effect low interests rates will have on Canadian business.

A Look Ahead at the Global Economy in 2015 (January 13)

This brief provides an economic outlook for 2015.