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2013 Archives

The Foundations of a Competitive Canada: The Need for Strategic Infrastructure Investment (December 2013)

This report examines the poor state of Canada’s public infrastructure and makes recommendations for a long-term investment strategy to bring Canada’s infrastructure back to the level needed to support prosperity.

Opportunity Found: Improving the Participation of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada’s Workforce (December 2013)

This report highlights initiatives to improve the workforce participation of Aboriginal peoples and the resulting competitiveness of employers. It offers recommendations to the government and businesses on measures both can take to provide Aboriginal peoples and communities with the tools to make these success stories the norm.

2014-15 Economic Outlook (December 2013)

An economic forecast for Canada prepared by our Chief Economist.

The March of the Robots (October 2013)

This report examines how the use of robots by business is reshaping the global economy, industry and the workplace.

Upskilling the Workforce: Employer-sponsored Training and Resolving the Skills Gap (October 2013)

Our report focuses on the role of employers in training existing talent and captures the views of HR executives, employers and educators. Topics include customizing education for employers; apprenticeships; planning for reskilling and redeployment; youth job-readiness training; and the demand for soft skills.

$50 Million a Day (September 2013)

Our report highlights how Canada’s lack of infrastructure to get its oil and gas to tidewater and overseas is preventing Canadians from maximizing their potential benefits in energy markets and is costing Canada as much as $50 million a day in lost jobs, tax revenues and other economic benefits.

Canadian Oil and Gas: The U.S. Needs Less. Asia Needs More. (September 2013)

The fastest growing markets for energy exports now lie in non-OECD nations. However, Canada cannot respond to this opportunity as it lacks the infrastructure to get energy to tidewater and overseas. This lack of market access costs Canada as much as $50 million per day.

The U.S. Economy Poised to Shift Into Higher Gear (August 2013)

This report examines the factors responsible for the U.S. economic recovery.

Restoring Canadian Tourism: Discussion Paper (Updated: July 2013)

This discussion paper examines the importance of the tourism industry to the Canadian economy and the need for Canada to do better.

A Competitive Tax Regime: A Building Block of a Vibrant and Productive Economy (June 2013)

This report examines Canada’s current tax system and its impact on Canadian competitiveness and makes the argument that Canada must reform and simplify its tax system to maximize its attractiveness as a destination for talent, capital and innovation.

Reevaluating Canada's International Trade: The Impact of Global Supply Chains (May 2013)

This report looks at the true nature of trade relationships and makes the argument that we need to look beyond traditional trade policies, important as these are, and think more broadly at all of the policies that have a major impact on the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Canada's Labour Market Puts in a Strong Performance in 2012 (February 2013)

This report examines Canada's labour market performance in 2012 by demographic group, sector and region and forecasts job prospects for 2013.

Closing the Skills Gap: Mapping a Path for Small Business (February 2013)

This report stems from a symposium we hosted in November 2012 on skills and small business and includes participants' recommendations for encouraging increased skills development in SMEs, makes policy recommendations for all stakeholders and highlights best practices in alleviating skills pressures.

Tooklit of Training Resources for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (February 2013)

This toolkit highlights various training resources available to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Mining Capital: How Canada Has Transformed its Resource Endowment into a Global Competitive Advantage (January 2013)

This report showcases the global success of the Canadian mining sector and demonstrates how Canada's natural resource endowment can form the basis for sustained economic growth and prosperity.

Electricity in Canada: Smart Investment to Power Future Competitiveness (January 2013)

This report explores some of the competitiveness implications of reinvestment in Canada's electricity sector.