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2014 Archives

The Measures that Matter: How Canada’s Natural Resource Sector Is Working to Protect the Environment (December 2014)

In this report, we examine the ways in which Canadians are addressing the environmental challenges of resource production, specifically within the forestry, mining, and oil and gas sectors. We also present recommendations to help support the continuous improvement in the environmental performance of Canada’s resource sectors.

Manufacturing Innovation: Driving Canada’s Biggest Sector through Disruptive Technologies (December 2014)

In this report, we argue that the best way for Canadian manufacturers to compete and win in is through a strong commitment to innovation. But, there are barriers that are preventing companies from harnessing technology and innovation. This report summarizes these barriers and presents recommendations for overcoming them.

Doing More Business with China: Why Canada Needs a Renminbi Hub (October 2014)

In this report, we argue that establishing a renminbi hub in Canada is crucial to strengthening our commercial and diplomatic relations with China and we examine the benefits a renminbi trading hub would have on the Canadian economy.

A Battle We Can’t Afford to Lose: Getting Young Canadians from Education to Employment (October 2014)

In this report, we argue that closing the skills gap cannot be done without better aligning our education and training systems to our labour market needs. We investigate the state of three key factors affecting young Canadians’ successful transition from education to employment.

A Path Forward for Entrepreneurship in Canada (September 2014)

In 2013 and 2014, we conducted seven roundtables across Canada with leaders of entrepreneurial firms to identify the challenges they face and opportunities they anticipate to understand how the federal government and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce could support them most effectively. This report outlines what we heard.

Moving Oil by Water (July 2014)

Oil and its transportation have become one of the most pressing policy debates of the last few years. This inforgraphic outlines five key facts that should be part of the debate about transporting oil by water, a key part of securing Canada’s energy trade with the world.

Turning it Around: How to Restore Canada’s Trade Success (May 2014)

This report argues that free trade agreements are not enough to reverse Canada’s dismal trade performance over the past decade. Canada must also bolster trade promotion services and diplomatic support for companies abroad.

Canada's Labour Market Sputtered in 2013 (February 2014)

This report examines the Canadian labour market in 2013 and highlights the considerable variation in labour market performance by demographic group, sector and region.